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TAPB – corporate brochure

corporate brochure for Thai Asia Pacific Brewery (produce Heineken, Tiger Beer and Cheers Beer in Thailand

The concept for the cover is ‘The quality formular’

(Barley + Hops + Yeast + Water) + People = Good quality beer

quote from the Brew master and history of beer

about their company and shareholders

brewing process

milestone (on the golden barley field. From the same field you can make Heineken, Milo, or Kokokrunch 555)

about their CSR project

All of above is not the final one. They are on developing.
Quite sad that i can’t finish this project (today is my last day at Splash)
but i have to let it go…


2 thoughts on “TAPB – corporate brochure

  1. propapanda says:

    You can stay a little longer to finish it na ja.
    The Barley field is so cute I want to have some coco crunch! BROOM!

  2. หวัดดีครับ วุฒิเพื่อนป๋อนะครับจำได้ป่ะครับ

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